Discover The Difference Professional Grooming Makes

Depend on our local dog groomer

Are you unfamiliar with proper dog grooming techniques or just unable to find the time to thoroughly groom your dog? You should turn to D's Head to Tails Grooming LLC in Nampa, ID. We can take care of practically all your grooming needs, including bathing, drying, ear cleaning, nail trimming, fur trimming and anal gland expressing.

Benefits of professional grooming

Benefits of professional grooming

We love helping dogs look and feel their best. When you bring your dog to our skilled groomer, you'll have an easier time:

  • Avoiding matted fur
  • Maintaining a pleasant smell
  • Catching tick or flea infestations
  • Reducing the chances of ear infections
  • Creating a healthier coat and reducing shedding
When you see how amazing your dog looks and how easy grooming is with our help, you'll be happy you brought your dog to us. Get in touch with us at 208-392-8835 to make an appointment.