Tired Of Tedious Nail Trimming?

Trust our groomer to clip or grind your dog's nails

If you've ever tried to trim your dog's nails, you probably know how difficult it can be. Dogs become easily agitated and trimming their nails too close to the bed can hurt them.

Instead of struggling to trim your dog's nails or avoiding it all together, you should let D's Head to Tails Grooming LLC handle it. We'll use professional equipment and techniques to efficiently and safely trim your dog's nails.

Learn why trimming your dog's nails is important

Learn why trimming your dog's nails is important

Your dog can't trim their nails themselves, so the responsibility falls to you to make sure their nails stay at a reasonable length. Routine trimming is essential to prevent:

  • Infections or damage to their paw
  • Ingrown or splintered nails
  • Snagging on clothes, carpets and other surfaces
You can keep your dog's paws perfectly healthy without with the struggle and hassle of nail trimming at home. When you're ready to make an appointment, call 208-392-8835.